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Using the external MPPT

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The 1000W 24v External MPPT is intended to add additional solar to your Titan power stations. The external MPPT is compatible with the Titan through its AC charging ports, the Titan Boost through its auxiliary ports, and the Titan 240sp through its auxiliary ports.

How to install the external MPPT

  1. Plug the red sb50 connector from the external MPPT into one of the AC Charging ports on the Titan or one of the Aux ports on the Titan Boost/240sp.
  2. Install the included mounting brackets on the top back of the external MPPT by utilizing a philips screwdriver.
  3. Mount the external MPPT where desired.

Using the external MPPT

The external MPPT has a maximum open circuit voltage of 240v (we recommend staying at or below 220v maximum open circuit voltage to allow for safe voltage fluctuations) The external MPPT is preconfigured to charge your Titan batteries.

  1. Plug in your solar panels into the positive and negative MC4 solar connectors.

The external MPPT will automatically run as it detects incoming voltage from solar panels. It will charge your batteries to 28.8v and allow them to float at 27.2v (these settings are safe for both Titan NMC and Titan LiFePo4 batteries). The external MPPT will exit its floating stage and return to maximum charging (up to 28.8v) once it detects your batteries have fallen below 26.6v.