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Titan LFP Battery

(24 customer reviews)


With faster charge and discharge rates, exceptional temperature tolerance, and extended lifespan, our LFP battery stands at the forefront of portable power excellence.
  • Modular expandability from 2.5kwh to 27.5Kwh
  • Can accept external batteries of varying chemistries.
  • Long life span of 15+ years with daily use.
  • 5+5 year warranty

Introducing the revolutionary Point Zero Energy LiFePO4 Battery – the pinnacle of cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate battery industry technology. With faster charge and discharge rates, exceptional temperature tolerance, an extended lifespan, and minimal maintenance requirements, the Point Zero Energy LiFePO4 Battery stands at the forefront of portable power excellence

Huge Battery Expansion

Effortlessly expand your battery capacity from 2,500wh up to 27,500wh without having to connect messy wires.

Easy Portability

Our unique modular design gives you the power of a large system with the benefit of portability. 

User-Friendly Customization

Easily add or subtract batteries depending on your power needs. You can also set up your system in a variety of configurations depending on your circumstances.

Long Life Span

With a safe and stable lithium battery chemistry, our LFP battery gives you long-lasting power for 15+ years.


LFP Battery

Battery Chemistry


Battery Capacity

2,500wh expandable up to 27,500wh

Life Cycle

15+ years


5 year Limited Warranty
+ 5 year extended


18.5 x 12 x 5


48 lbs

Multiple Sources of Charging

  • AC Charging
  • Solar Charging
  • Car Charging
  • Wind Turbine
  • Gas Generator


24 reviews for Titan LFP Battery


  2. LEROY A.

    A 5 doesn’t cut it. So far you guys have been a pleasure to work with.

  3. Robert S.

  4. gregory cowan

    Great battery easy to charge and move around

  5. Carrie P.

    Love Your Titan…That’s why I ordered the second battery. I love that I know exactly how much power I have by the big display. I have blown several 20 amp fuses with the 12v charger, while on the road. So we don’t use that anymore. Rate the Titan overall 4.9 because of that last fact.
    I hated that it shipped a couple of weeks after ordering and paying. I ordered what I thought would be early to get it for a trip so I would have additional power on board so I could go longer without charging. Oh well. But thanks for the great product.

  6. Orcellious D.

  7. Jay van Hulst

    The battery is intelligently designed and easy to work with. It’s the third one I have now in my system, and as indicated, it stacks well with the other two and the Titan generator itself. There is no question that it’s quite heavy, and when several of them are being stacked together the weight is pretty high. I’ve put the whole system in a corner of our RV’s bedroom and have wired it to the main power system via a separate shore line.
    I do like the approach and smart engineering Point Zero Energy has applied in putting all of this together as a nicely integrated system.
    I’m exclusively running solar panels on the system, and it works very well. I’m looking forward to going on trips out in the open country where we will be independent from any power sources other than our own onboard solar system. I’m convinced Point Zero Energy has created a superb system that will serve me well. It’s quite exciting.

  8. Bryan

  9. James K.

    see review of “titan”

  10. Geraldo Padilla

    freaking koool , i used it to power my arcade machine and mini freezer with 2 batterys and i was able to run them easy .out of 60 generators this one turned out to be the best, if yall upgraded to lifepo4 i would be glad to buy them this instantly.

  11. Jake

    Arrived as advertised. No issues.

  12. Robert S.

    I’m a solar novice, but my point of view is great product, outstanding service.

  13. Robert Q.

    An extraordinary battery designed to easily fit onto base of the Titan generator. Mine had a slight dent in the lower front corner but I was able to easily align the right front rubber foot so that it fit properly into a mating battery.

    The Titan is an amazing product with superb design, far surpassing competitor’s products. Plus the manufacturer is very responsive to questions and has been a great help to this novice.

  14. James Moorman

    My only issue was that I did not see that the plates had to be removed from the bottom of the battery in order to mate with the other battery.

  15. Brian

    This product is great. I already had the 500w kit with one battery and have been using it for our travel trailer with no issues when I go camping. I needed the extra battery to run my well pump on my mountain home and works great as I needed to handle the surge power of 4,000w. There is not another solar generator that has this kind of power as this one has. I have had no issues in a year that I owned it.

  16. Lorenzo A.

    The best solar generator in the market! I bought mine and is extremely reliable and works every time. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a solar generator. This system is well built and will give you the power you need.

  17. David D.

    I would have rated you a 5 except for the fact that I didn’t receive the Fedex tracking number initially. This would have told me the product was on its way. I ended up calling to get the number. But your product certainly rates a 5. It has helped us make it through power outages and not lose any food. A Great item to have on hand.

  18. Kenneth H.

  19. John

    is battery brought to 6kw storage. Now I can more easily run my solar system and stay in the 40-85% charge zone and prolong battery life.

  20. Clifford Baker

    I love your system in adding extra batteries. It is a great design.

  21. Carlos oliveira

    Love it have the 500 W system with two batteries going to order another one always charges to 100% so far very happy with it.

  22. John Walker

    My 4th

  23. Paul O.

    Good price, quick ship, quality product

  24. Delberta Cotcher (verified owner)

    This is husband, John Cotcher.
    Second pair of LifePO4 batteries and cables arrived, phoned Rainer to verify installation steps; Rainer is always courteous and helpful and I much appreciate his support. Thanx.

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Titan LifePo4 Battery

5 year standard warranty
10 year warranty (with extended)

Add 2500 watt hours of energy storage per battery. Compatable with the original Titan, Titan Boost, and Titan 240sp 4000. The power module will not run without at least one battery.

Cart with wheels
Adds wheels to your Titan solar power station. Connects directly to Any Titan battery, power module, or base unit.


Available on backorder

Base / cap
Allows battery expansion horizontally with a clean easy setup. Works with the original Titan, Titan Boost, and Titan 240sp 4000


11 in stock (can be backordered)

Battery expansion cables
Used with Base and Cap for horizontal battery expansion.


LifePo4 AC Charger
25A AC charger. You can use up to 4 AC chargers with a Titan power station. to speed up charging from AC. Each one charges at around 650 watts (depending on the state of charge


40A Solar MPPT Charger
Handles up to 250VDC input. Used to expand your solar input. Each unit adds 1000 watts, and you can add two units to each Titan.