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Do your solar kits include everything I need for the Titan to work?

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Yes, all of our kits include everything you need to get your Titan working. However, they do not come with solar panel stands or panel mounting hardware. If you are planning to permanently mount rigid panels or using a stand for the flexible panels, you will have to make or purchase those separately.


  • (1) Titan solar generator with one 2000 watt hour battery
  • Mc4 extension wires
  • Cigarette to SAE wire (for charging from a car)
  • MC4 to SAE (for resetting battery with solar)
  • MC4 to anderson adapter (for connecting solar panels)
  • 30 watt USB adapters (2 with two usb, and 2 with 1 usb, and 1 usbc)
  • (1) 20A AC charger (to charge the Titan from an AC outlet)
  • (1) User Manual
  • branch connectors to wire panels
  • Standard 25 feet of solar panel wire with a choice to upgrade to longer wires (50 feet, 75 feet or 100 feet) if needed.