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Battery won’t connect to the Power Module

If the battery won’t connect to the power module, or if a battery will not connect to another battery, check the following:

1- Determine if the issue is that the battery won’t set down (the feet or the Anderson plugs are hitting something), or if it will set down but the latches won’t latch.

If the battery will not set down all the way,
If the feet are hitting the indents for them, the feet may need to be loosened and slid one way or the other.

If the feet fit fine, but the Anderson plugs hit, hitting the frame or are not fitting in the Power module or battery (whichever is going on top of the battery) try the following:

1- Try to shift the generator or battery back and forth and place it evenly onto the battery. It’s important that the battery goes down evenly and not have the back or the front set down first.
2- Check to see if the Anderson plug was bent to one side during shipping. If it is slightly bent, you can straiten it by softly hitting it with a rubber mallet. If this isn’t possible, it may need to be sent back for repairs. Contact tech support to help resolve this issue.

If the latches won’t latch
If the latches are hitting the catch when they are turning, that means the power module needs to be shifted to one side or the other.
If they turn until the latch fits into the latch, but will not twist all the way to lock, it could be one of two things:
1- The catch is not centered into the catch. If this is the case, loosen it and center it by hand before tightening.
2- If it is centered but still won’t turn all the way to lock, the latch may have shifted in shipping. Simply loosen the screws on the latch and tighten it down. Once it is locked, tighten the screws back into place.

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