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Can I use a Wind Turbine with the Titan?

Yes, you can use a wind turbine with the Titan generator. There are several ways to use one depending on the turbine.

1- If the output of the turbine is in the range of the mppt (boost 35-240VDC, 240sp 35-130VDC), you can connect the output directly to one of the MPPT input ports (using an Anderson powerpole connector).

2- If the Turbine has its own charge controller and the Voltage output is for 24V (charges up to 29.2v or lower), you can plug the output of the charge controller into the AC Aux port using a red Anderson sb50 plug. If the charge voltage is under 27.2V, the battery (batteries) will not get 100% charged, however, it will not damage the batteries.

3- If the output of the wind turbine is AC, you will need to convert it to DC voltage in the range of the mppt. This can be done with a bridge rectifier, however, I would suggest contacting your wind turbine manufacturer to see how this would best be done.

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