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Titan Boost Power Module

(21 customer reviews)

Original price was: $1,895.00.Current price is: $1,516.00.

A rugged and reliable solution to supercharge or portable power needs. Packed with a robust 3000w pure sine wave inverter and user-friendly modular expandability, the Titan Boost can be used for emergency backup or take it on the road to power any adventure.
  • 3000w continous 6000w surge power.
  • 10x surge power to run larger tools and appliances.
  • 2.5Wh-27,500Wh expandable battery capacity.
  • 2400 watts expandable solar capacity.
power module only-
Add batteries in ESSENTIAL ADD-ONS

With industry-leading surge times, the Titan Boost offers twice as much surge power as comparable units. This means the Titan Boost can start those larger, power hungry tools and appliances when others can't. It's dual MPPT charge controllers allow for the highest solar capacity with a wide range of panel configurations including charging by wind, gas and auto. With its best-in-class warranty, the Titan Boost redefines portable power with efficiency and flexibility for all your energy needs, wherever you go.

Power Boost Inverter

3000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Clean and reliable power to run sensitive electronics and medical equipment

10x the Surge Power

Surge power is the maximum amount of power the inverter can supply at one time. The Titan Boost offers 10x the surge power of comparable systems, allowing you to start heavy tools and appliances and run them longer.

Industry-Leading Efficiency

With a No Load Power Draw of less than 15 watts and overall efficiency of up to 92%, the Titan Boost wastes less power in performance resulting in more power to run the things you need.

Double Conversion UPS

Provides uninterrupted power to critical loads by instantly switching from grid power to backup power.

Modular LFP Battery

Huge Battery Expansion

Effortlessly expand your battery capacity from 2,500wh up to 27,500wh without having to connect messy wires.

Easy Portability

Our unique modular design gives you the power of a large system with the benefit of portability. 

User-Friendly Customization

Easily add or subtract batteries depending on your power needs. You can also set up your system in a variety of configurations depending on your circumstances.

Long Life Span

With a safe and stable lithium battery chemistry, our LFP battery gives you long-lasting power for 15+ years.

Huge Solar Input

Dual MPPT Charge Controller

Expand your solar array up to 2,000 watts of solar allowing you faster charging times and more power.

Durable Long Lasting Panels

Constructed with only top quality materials, 
our corrosion resistant panels allow for extended outdoor use. Our 25 year warranty ensures your panels will last for decades.

Wide Range MPPT

Allows for a wide range of solar panel configurations making your system fully customizable. Whether you have 2 or 20 solar panels, connecting your panels is simple and easy.

High Efficiency Monocrystalline

Featuring premium Grade A+ monocrystalline solar cells with 10 busbars ensuring superior performance even in the toughest conditions.


Power Module

Solar Input

Up to 2,000W; up to 240VDC

Output Voltage

120V pure sine wave

Continuous Power Output

3,000W continuous power

Surge Power Output

6,000 surge for 5 seconds

No Load Power Consumption

less than 15 watts


5 year Limited Warranty
+ 5 year extended


18.5 x 12 x 8.5


37 lbs

LFP Battery

(Sold separately)

Battery Capacity

2,500wh expandable up to 27,500wh

Life Cycle

Up to 8,000 cycles


5 year Limited Warranty + 5 year extended


18.5 x 12 x 8.5


48 lbs

Operating Temperature


Multiple Sources of Charging

  • AC Charging
  • Solar Charging
  • Car Charging
  • Wind Turbine
  • Gas Generator

What's Included


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One of the biggest advantages of the Titan Power Station is its removable expandable battery. This innovative approach gives you greater portability and flexibility in what you can power with your solar generator. By simply adding more battery packs, you can expand or replace your batteries quickly and easily.
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21 reviews for Titan Boost Power Module

  1. Eric F.

    This is an awesome product! Far better than the other solar generators in its class.

  2. Luan Nguyen

  3. Leigh Anne

    The Titan is a FANTASTIC product! What a dream come true to be able to be off grid with a system that you can plug your RV 30amp cord right into and be able to run things as if hooked up at a campground! Crazy cool! The owner and creator David is a genius and has been such a help with any questions we had. His company has friendly and knowledgable customer service reps as well when we have called. The instruction manual made set up a breeze and we are enjoying our freedom to go anywhere on our own terms by harnessing the sun through this generator. He truly thought of everything when creating the Titan. It is worth every penny in our book! Please Subscribe to my YouTube channel “Everyday Mama” to see our Titan in action this summer in our RV VLOGS. These videos are not sponsored- we just love the product and want to share all the benefits of it for RVers. We highly recommend the Titan to anyone for home use, RVers, or preppers. 🙂

  4. Gil M.

    So Happy with my purchase I purchased another, easy to setup and even easier to integrate into my homes generator backup

  5. Rose

    I am a 67 yr old grandma with no technical experience but I found the Titan very easy to set up and use. I have been using it (testing it) for 3 days now, plugging in various items that I might need in a power outage. The Titan has handled everything with ease. I am even able to lift the individual components by myself, so I feel confident I can move it around as necessary. Thanks!

  6. Bruce Bugbee

    I recently received my Titan with one extra NMC battery that I purchased through and I am very pleased with the unit. I do have a few questions about future expandability. 1) When the LiFePo4 battery packs come out, will we be able to stack them with the NMC batteries in parallel; and 2) Can I hook up a 24V 200 ah LiFePo4 battery pack to the external battery connection on the Titan even though my two stackable batteries are NMC chemistry?

    Thanks again for a great product.


    I have had the pleasure of owing a Titan for a little over two months. To say i am thrilled would be an understatement. The performance of the Titan in conjunction with the great customer service i have received makes me a very satisfied customer. Better yet, a customer for life! I have used it for plethora of jobs around the house and even succumbed to temptation and powered my entire 7.2 home theater system that includes, a receiver, Blu-ray player, seven amplifiers and two subs in addition to the flat screen and few other pieces. So far, everything i have thrown at the Titan, the Titan has handled with ease, never suffering defeat in form of a shut down. A great performer in my book and worthy of the name Titan. Kudos!

  8. Ramsey

    I’m very happy with my Titan. I am powering our pond pump and backyard lights. Thank you.

  9. David Hunter

    I am so very happy to have made this purchase. Not only does the Titan Solar Generator have the most complete and well implemented features I could find on any similar product but the post sale support has been top notch. Multiple e-mail questions have been more than helpful and responded to very quickly.


    The Titan is an excellent value. The service at Point Zero is exceptional.

    Previously, I have added Solar to a VW Rialta using a Goal Zero 1400 lithium.
    Its 1500 watt inverter worked fine for essential RV living. Refrigerator, LCD lights, water pump, laptop and cell phone. That draw only allowed for about 12 hours of reserve.
    Your Solar recharge was slow because the GZ 1400 hundred only comes standard (you can purchase an MPPT add on. That brings the GZ 1400 closer to $2000) with a PWM controller. In addition you could only charge with your solar panels in a less efficient parallel array.

    By investing just a little more than $1000 extra in a Titan, you get two MPPT controllers, the ability to attach your solar panels in a more efficient series (up to 1000 watts with a single battery) array, 2000 watts of Lithium battery, a 3000 watt Inverter that will run the big draw items like a Microwave, electric water heater ,etc. etc., and many many other benefits. To be specific, my Titan with one battery (I did purchase a second battery) will run my efficient refrigerator/4L Freezer and laptop (full time internet) for 70 hours. Amazing!

    Whether you are purchasing to upgrade or build an RV, or as power for your home…In my opinion, This is the best value and most efficient, beautifully designed Solar generator in the world.
    It will do it all.

    When you add the fact that Point Zero, the manufacturer of the Titan, is a family owned American company that is very pleasant and helpful to work with, this is an easy purchase you can make with confidence.

    At this time, I don’t work with or have any affiliation with Point Zero. I just love my Titan, and am very impressed with the customer service.


  11. Edward Dooley

    We plan to use this to boondock in the rv.


    My order was complete and arrived without any damage. I installed it, charged the battery and needed to call to better understand the battery meter settings and how to calibrate it. I also watched some videos on the Zero Point channel on youtube which were very helpful. It has been a pleasure doing business with Zero Point and the people who work there.
    Definately 5 stars

  13. Kris

    We are super happy with both the Titan and the excellent customer service that they provided us with.
    They went out of their way with help for our setting it up, and on answering all of our questions. We will be purchasing more items from them as time goes on. We have a lot to learn about solar and they are the perfect company to walk us through the path of being able to camp off grid. We highly recommend them and are grateful to have found them.

  14. Rusdon Ray

    Product is great and was easy to install. Thanks Point Zero Energy!

  15. Diana C.

    We’re very happy with the Titan. We have 3 batteries stacked under it and they are being recharged almost every day via Renergy solar panels and we live in Washington.

  16. Neil A.

    It’s nearly impossible to find a product that is engineered as well as the Titan. You can tell that Point Zero Energy thought through every detail in order to create a product that will last as well as work in a wide variety of scenarios.

    If you every watched a review for a “solar generator” and thought “but can it do this”, only to be disappointed by some later revealed limitation…well the Titan probably can do it!

  17. Anonymous

    so far so good !

  18. Anonymous

    So far so good! Love that it’s portable and that when apart, I can carry it.

  19. Edward Dooley

    We bought the Titan and 2 batteries so we can boondock in our rv. Since the rv is 20 years old we didn’t want to mount all the parts of a solar unit plus extra batteries that we have no space for, on a unit that old. If our rv gets replaced we just take the Titan with us. We can also have it for a backup at home if we lose power. We recharge the batteries with the rv generator or with shore power at a campground. We are not using solar panels.
    We are on a trip in the rv and the Titan has worked great for 6 weeks until I hooked something up wrong and damaged the Titan. Since we were within a few hours of his facility, I called Dave and he said I could bring it there and they would look at it.
    Dave had one of his guys stop what he was doing and fix my problem the minute I arrived.
    This was not a warranty issue, nor should it be, but it is great customer service after the sale.

  20. James K.

    I purchased the Titan and two additional batteries. The folks at Point Zero have been MOST patient and helpful along the way as I modified my order a couple of times. Technical support is outstanding and amazingly prompt. Great company, great product, innovative features.
    My purpose was/is to run key household appliances and comm gear such that the load is constantly replenished by the PV panels + battery, independent of local utility feed, which goes down with distressing regularity here on Northern California.
    The gear is really quality and works well. I paired with my own locally sourced PV panels to provide maximum generation in the smallest rooftop panel area.
    I highly recommend both company and product.

  21. Mike Driggers

    I recently received my new Titan solar generator with three batteries. I am extremely impressed with the fit and finish, the attention to detail, and the extremely high quality of the Titan. I ran a test today by cutting the main breaker off for my home and connecting the Titan via the 30 amp RV plug to a 6 circuit transfer switch. I was able to power 6 rooms in my house, and a large pond pump for 8 hours and I only used about 50% of the battery. I used two 25 amp AC chargers to recharge and it was back to 100% in just a few hours. I am also able to power my entire RV with a simple 30-50 amp RV plug adapter and it runs everything – even one air conditioner, dishwasher, washer/dryer combo, two TVs, microwave, etc. (not all at the same time). I could not be happier with this product and I would recommend it to anyone in search of the very best portable solar generator money can buy. I have also been very happy with the sales experience, customer service, and tech support I have received from Point Zero Energy. Every time I have reached out to them for anything, they get right back to me and they are always willing to help. Just like most other buyers, I had to wait four months for mine to ship, but it was well worth the wait. It is very refreshing to be able to do business with a company like this.

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Essential addons

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Titan LifePo4 Battery

5 year standard warranty
10 year warranty (with extended)

Add 2500 watt hours of energy storage per battery. Compatable with the original Titan, Titan Boost, and Titan 240sp 4000. The power module will not run without at least one battery.

Cart with wheels
Adds wheels to your Titan solar power station. Connects directly to Any Titan battery, power module, or base unit.

Original price was: $129.00.Current price is: $103.20.

2 in stock (can be backordered)

Base / cap
Allows battery expansion horizontally with a clean easy setup. Works with the original Titan, Titan Boost, and Titan 240sp 4000

Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $100.00.

16 in stock (can be backordered)

Battery expansion cables
Used with Base and Cap for horizontal battery expansion.

Original price was: $76.00.Current price is: $60.80.

LifePo4 AC Charger
25A AC charger. You can use up to 4 AC chargers with a Titan power station. to speed up charging from AC. Each one charges at around 650 watts (depending on the state of charge

Original price was: $269.00.Current price is: $215.20.

40A Solar MPPT Charger
Handles up to 250VDC input. Used to expand your solar input. Each unit adds 1000 watts, and you can add two units to each Titan.

Original price was: $225.00.Current price is: $180.00.