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Charging with Solar

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The Titan comes with two MPPT charge controllers, this means you can have two totally separate solar arrays. However, each input needs to have the a voltage of 35-145V DC. If it is less than 35V, it will not charge the Titan, and if it is over 145V, it can cause damage to the MPPT controller.

To learn how to configure your solar panels, please see the following:

It is also important that you connect the battery and turn the Titan on before you connect the solar to the Titan.

Below are wiring diagrams for our kits. *NOTE: If you use your own solar panels, you will need to verify they are configured in a way that will produce the correct voltage.

Kits 100 watt panels

Since the open circuit voltage of each panel is 20V, the total voltage is 100VDC, well within the range of 35-145VDC.

Since the 1000 watt kit parallels two sets of five solar panels, the voltage remains at 100V

This configuration starts to use the second MPPT controller with ten panels in one controller and five in the other.

This configuration uses both MPPT’s at their full capacity. You can add more solar by adding a third string to each, however, it will never charge at over 1,000 watts per controller. However, it will increase the total power generated during the day because it will produce more power during less than peak sun.

kits 200 watt panels

Briefcase kits

For older versions of breifcase panels (pre 2022), see Older wiring diagrams