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Charging with the Alternator

There are three ways to charge your Titan from your vehicle.

1- You can use the cigarette port DC charger. This will charge your Titan at about 85 watts, which will take about 24 hours to charge one completely dead battery to completely full.

2- If you want to charge faster than the cigarette port, you would need to connect directly to the battery and charge only when the car is running (the alternator is charging).

Since we don’t currently offer a device to do this, we have found one from a reputable company victronenergy orion-tr smart. This device would need to be wired to the battery of the car (follow the instructions from the manufacturer), with the output put into the AC charging port of the Titan. It would also need to be programmed to charge no higher than 29.2V.
You would need a 12/24 version. The 12/24-10 will charge up to 240 watts, and the 12/24-15 will charge up to 360 watts. Unlimited multiple units can be connected in parallel to increase output power.

3- Another option to charge fast from your alternator is to connect a 12V inverter to your car and then connect the AC charger to the inverter. This can charge at up to 600 watts with one charger and 1200 watts with two AC chargers. We suggest a good quality pure sine wave inverter with a rating of 1,000 watts continuous for one charger and 2,000 watts continuous for two chargers.

With any type of charging from your car battery, you need to be extremely careful you don’t drain your car battery too much. The Titan battery is a much larger capacity battery than most car batteries and it will quickly drain the battery if the vehicle is not running. Also, you will need to make sure you don’t charge at a rate higher than your alternator can handle. This could damage your battery and your alternator.

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