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DC-DC Charger Instructions

The DC-DC charger is used to charge your Titan Batteries straight from your car battery, or any other 12V battery. It can help you if you are out camping, or in a pinch.

On your DC-DC charger, one side will have a red, yellow, and black wire, while the other side will have black and white wires connected to a red Anderson connector.

You will need to connect the red and yellow wires to the positive end of your battery terminal, and connect the black wire to the negative end of your battery terminal, as seen in the images below. The yellow wire can either be connected directly to the positive terminal, or connected using a switch to turn on/off the charger.

Next, you will connect the red Anderson connector into your Titan, Titan Boost, or Titan 240sp, as seen in the images below.

After you have everything connected, it should look like this.

Once everything is plugged in and connected, your Titan battery(s) will begin charging.

DC-DC charger specifications

The DC-DC charger will charge your batteries at 15A, until your battery(s) voltage reaches 27.2. It charges at a rate of 350-400 watts. If your vehicle battery drains down to 12 volts, your DC-DC charger will stop charging, as it will not drain your vehicle battery below 12 volts.

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