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Solar Not charging

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Step #1 Check the battery voltage

Check the meter on the Titan, and see what the battery voltage is. If it is over 28V, it my be limiting or not charging because the battery is full enough. To continue trouble shooting the solar panels, make sure the battery voltage is under 28V.

Step #2 Measure solar panel voltage

Check the voltage at the Anderson plugs (going into the Titan). Be careful not to touch the exposed probes, as the voltage could be high enough to shock you. Also make sure your volt meter is set to read DC volts

If the voltage is between 35 and 145 Volts, then you are good. If it is over 145V. Contact Point Zero Energy at before doing anything else. If it is under 35V, you will need to make sure your panels are configured properly.

Step #3 Leave the solar connected for at least 20 minutes

Sometimes the MPPT controller needs to reset, and it can take up to 20 minutes. Before continuing, leave the solar connected for at least 20 minutes to see if it resets and starts charging.

Step #4 Try using the other mppt port

If your voltage is between 35 and 145, try connecting the solar to the other MPPT port. Each MPPT controller is separate from each other, and it is extremely unlikely that both controllers would fail. So try using the other port. If you get charging from one port, but not the other (after waiting 20 minutes with the battery under 28V) then it is likely your MPPT controller is bad. Please contact us to get this repaired for you.

Step #5 Test solar panel connections

If at this point you are not getting any charge from either solar input port, most likely there is a bad connection in your solar array. Please follow the troubleshooting here to find out the problems.