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How to Keep Food Safe When the Power Goes Out

Power outage preserve food

Power outages are a major risk with any emergency situation. For those living in high risk hurricane areas, preparation for blackouts is critical as these storms bring high winds and possible flash flooding. There are many ways you can prepare for a power outage.  One critical aspect of preparation is food and water, and how … Read more

6 Easy Disaster Preparedness Tips You Can Really Do

Prepair for a disaster

In the event of a disaster, having a preparedness plan is a critical element in helping you and your loved ones out of danger and to a secure, safe place. While Doomsday Preppers might be an entertaining and informative show to watch, the average person’s disaster preparedness plans don’t include building a bunker or eating … Read more

The Ultimate Energy Saving Guide – Preparing To Go Solar

save energy

There is no secret that the biggest reason to go solar is to reduce or even completely eliminate your electric bill. On average, a monthly electric bill of $100 becomes a$1,200 yearly expense. Over 20 years, that same $100 monthly bill adds up to $24,000 paid to your utility company, and that’s before factoring in the … Read more

Impressive Tiny House Built With Shipping Containers

We follow the Tiny home movement pretty closely, and we are astonished by the creativity that the tiny house community has shown.  This tiny house was built using 3 x 20ft shipping containers. Adam from HoneyBox (www.honeybox.ca) built this stunning off-grid shipping container tiny cabin in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. This tiny home … Read more

The One Critical Weakness of Lithium Batteries No One Warns You About

lithium battery

Lithium ion batteries have gained popularity in recent years, and rightly so. With applications ranging from tablets and smart phones to off-grid solar systems and electric cars, Lithium batteries have gained quite the reputation. Still, with all it’s popularity, I’ve been surprised lately by the lack of education when it comes to lithium ion maintenance, and the one critical aspect no one is talking about.

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