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No AC Power

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If there is no AC power to the outlets, check the following: (Make sure to write down your results for each step, you will need them for reporting to our support team if you cannot resolve this issue)

1- Is the battery voltage at least 22V? If not, plug in the AC charger and charge to get the voltage higher. (Battery voltage is shown on the bottom left of the display screen)

2- Check the breakers, making sure they are pushed in. (There are three breakers, one 15amp breaker for each set of three outlets and one 30amp breaker in the middle of the unit above the fuse)

3- Check the power switch to make sure it is on AC/DC, and not DC.

4- Power the unit off and wait 5 seconds. Power it back on to AC/DC and check to see if you have AC power. Repeat this step several times.

5- Make sure the appliance you’re using to test AC power with is working by plugging it into a working house outlet.

6- Check all outlets to see if no AC power is isolated to 1 or all outlets.

If none of these steps resolve the problem, please contact our support team at and provide your results from each step. We also suggest taking a photo of the Titan display screen and sending that to us as well.