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Solar Backup You Can Depend On

Our solar generators provide reliable long term power for any situation.

Reliable Backup Power from Leading Solar Experts

Our company is operated by experts who understand how solar energy works. We use this expertise to design innovative solar energy systems
that provide reliable backup power for your home or business.
From short power outages to super storms blackouts, we engineer our systems to provide dependable backup power in any situation.


Introducing the new TITAN solar generator

Large inverter

The Titan's 3000 watt continuous 6000 watt surge pure sine wave inverter offers twice the capacity as comparable units.

expandable Battery Capacity

With its intuitive technology, the Titan's 2000 watt-hour battery can be expanded by simply "stacking" more battery packs to expand battery capacity. No need to connect wires.

huge Solar capacity

With it's MPPT charge controller, the Titan is capable of handling up to 2000 watts of solar. Comparable units on the market are limited with up to 500 watts of solar.

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Ends September 30, 2019

Point Zero Energy

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Owned and operated by Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer and solar expert who has been designing, building, and installing solar energy systems for more than 15 years. 



Call it the curse of the engineer, but when we build something, we can’t just make it “average”. We combine our experience and innovative thinking to create the most efficient and reliable systems on the market.

home solar service


As a family owned and operated company, we take pride in our work and our company.  From our expert planning and installation to our perfectly engineered systems, we take care of you like family.

HomeGrid Solar Generators

Heavy Duty Solar Generator

Over-Sized Inverter

The size of your inverter determines what, and how many appliances you can run.  Our over-sized heavy duty inverters give you the ability to power several major home appliances simultaneously for worry-free usage.


A Maximum Power Point tracking charge controller will get more power out of your solar panels than a regular charge controller (up to 40% more power).  More importantly you will see the most benefit on on cloudy days when you need it the most!

Large Battery Capacity

The size of your battery bank determines how long you can run your appliances without direct sunlight.  Our large battery capacities allow you to use your generator during storms, cloudy weather, and at night, providing reliable, long term backup power.


Because we oversize the internal components of our solar generators, they can be expanded to run your entire home by simply adding more batteries and solar panels.  Our HomeGrid solar generators are designed for true emergency backup power.