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the TITAN power station

-the original modular solar generator-

We don’t like to toot our own horn. Well, maybe we do. At least when it comes to the Titan power station. That’s because we pioneered the modular system for solar generators, which has opened up a new world of possibilities when it comes to portable solar power.

With the largest inverter, battery capacities, solar input, and it’s use of quality efficient components,
the Titan is the leading modular solar power station on the market.

Anything else is just second best.

Large inverter

The Titan's 3000 watt continuous 6000 watt surge pure sine wave inverter offers twice the capacity as comparable units.

expandable Battery Capacity

With its intuitive technology, the Titan's 2000 watt-hour battery can be expanded by simply "stacking" more battery packs to expand battery capacity. No need to connect wires.

huge Solar capacity

With it's state of the art MPPT charge controller, the Titan is capable of handling up to 2000 watts of solar. Comparable units on the market are limited with up to 500 watts of solar.

high efficiency components

By using only high efficiency components, less power is wasted in running the system, giving you more power and longer run times.

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