Titan Boost Kits

Titan Boost Rigid Kits

Best for permanent mounting in off-grid systems. Ideal for full-time off-grid living for homes, cabins, and large RV's.

Titan Boost Briefcase Kits

Best for temporary or portable off-grid power. Ideal for outdoor recreation, construction, tiny homes, vans, RV's and home backup power.

Why Use a Titan Power Station Kit?

High Efficiency

Monocrystalline cells

With one of the highest efficiency rates in the industry, Point Zero Energy solar panels provide optimal performance, combined with quality and durable workmanship and a 25 year warranty.


Easy plug & play

With a plug-and-play modular design, customizing your power output is quicker and easier than ever.


Huge solar capacity

With it's state of the art dual MPPT charge controllers, the Titan power station is capable of handling up to 2000 watts of solar, resulting in faster charge and longer run times.