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6 Fun Things To Entertain Your Kids When The Lights Go Out

The power can go out at any time for a multitude of reasons. Blackouts can be pretty dangerous and in the least are always annoying. In this day and age our kids are increasingly tech savvy.  Most kids and teens would have a difficult time getting through a power outage.

In light of this situation we though we would share 10 fun ways you can get your kids through the next power outage.

Bust Out Some Board Games – This is something I highly recommend doing even when the power is on. Take some time to bond with your kids.

Go Camping In Your Living Room – This is a great opportunity to really go all out and have that camping trip you may have missed out on.  My kids love to setup a tent in their room and could probably be happy year round sleeping in it haha.

Kids Love Glow Sticks –  Glow sticks are cheap so i always stock up on a bunch from the dollar store just in case.  This is a great way to light things up and the kids will have a blast.

Raid The Fridge – Lets face it, unless you have a nice portable solar generator your likely going to have to raid that fridge unless you want all of that food to go bad.  Make it fun, have a little buffet or maybe an ice cream social.

Fire Up The Grill and BBQ – While your raiding your fridge invite you’re neighbors over and have a little backyard fun. The kids can connect with their parents roots and enjoy a game of kick the can while the adults relax and enjoy the time away from technology.

Arts and Crafts Time – There is a hundred things kids can make with some crayons, paper, scissors, glue etc. We have seen a lot of great ideas ranging from greeting cards, to puppets for you’re own homemade puppet show.

The best way to avoid a power outage is to never have one again with the help of  a Point Zero Energy solar power generator with battery backup.

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