Titan Power Stations

Plug-and-Play Power Solutions for Off-Grid Living

Packed with more robust surge power, the Boost can power higher surge appliances and tools, making it a rugged and reliable solution to supercharge your power needs. With its innovative modular design, the Boost offers maximum power with convenient portability.

With a 4000W 240V pure sine wave inverter and modular expandability, the 240v SP is a plug-and-play system built for full-time off-grid living. There is no need to connect multiple units to get 240v power! Ideal for homes, cabins, tiny homes, and large RV's.

The innovative modular design allows you to customize your power needs for your specific situation easily. With a powerful 3000 continuous-watt inverter, the original Titan has been used to power everything from RVs to tiny homes.

Why Use a Titan Power Station?


Modular Design

Effortlessly customize and expand your battery capacity with our unique and innovative modular design. Add more battery packs to meet your power requirements without limiting the number of batteries you can stack. Embrace boundless power possibilities with ease and convenience.


Easy plug & play

With a plug-and-play simplicity, the Titan power station makes customizing your power output quicker and easier than ever.


Huge solar capacity

The Titan power stations allow for a unique voltage input of 35 to 240V, and up to 2,000 watts of solar. This allows for a wide range of solar arrays, including configurations with different types of solar panels, or even a wind turbine connection.


Efficient Components

We meticulously design and build our solar power stations with only quality, efficient components in a way that maximizes it's power output. While other systems on the market use half their power output to run lights and fancy switches, the Titan is built to run longer and power because of the efficiency of the whole system.