Titan Boost

Introducing the Point Zero Energy Titan Boost – a rugged, reliable solution to supercharge your portable power needs. Packed with a robust 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter and user-friendly modular expandability, the Titan Boost is your trusty companion for any adventure. Its unique modular design makes portable battery power easily accessible whenever and wherever you need it.Learn More >





Removable / Expandable LFP Battery

At the core of the Point Zero Energy LiFePO4 Battery is the unique feature of a removable expandable design, which delivers unmatched portability and flexibility when paired with our Titan power station. With this innovative approach, you can effortlessly customize and expand your battery capacity. Add more battery packs to meet your power requirements without limiting the number of batteries you can stack. Embrace boundless power possibilities with ease and convenience.

Dual MPPT Charge Controllers (2000 watts total) with a wide voltage range

With the Titan, we only used quality, reliable components. For example, most solar generators use cheap, low quality charge controllers that cannot step the voltage down to produce high amps. Most don't allow for voltages over 30-50 volts. The Titan on the other hand, can take up to 145 volts. This means your solar panel wires will have very low amps running through them making them much more efficient (they will be cool to the touch where others will be very hot). It also makes wiring up your solar panels much easier and safer.

2500 Watt Hour LiFeP04 (LFP) Battery

One of our proudest achievements is our battery’s unrivaled energy density, which surpasses all other LiFePO4 batteries in the solar generator industry. With an astounding 52 wh per pound, the Point Zero Energy LFP Battery empowers you with more power for less weight, providing unparalleled performance and efficiency for your power needs.



Super Fast AC Charging, 700 Watts Standard

We include one powerful 25A AC charger that can charge your battery pack in around 3.5 hours. You do have an option to add More charges to charge even faster.

3000 Watt High Efficiency Inverter

The 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter is extremely powerful- twice as powerful as comparable solar generators. However, it is extremely efficient with a no load power draw of as low as 5 watts, and efficiencies up to 92%! Generally, the larger the inverter the more power it uses just to run- like a large truck burns more gas than a small car. This is comparable to having a 500 hp race car getting better fuel mileage than a geo metro.

We have designed the Titan solar power station to be compatible with nearly every 24V battery type. The Titan uses a LiFePO4 (LFP) battery with a voltage range of 20V to 28.8V. With this setup, the Titan works perfectly with most lithium batteries.

Note: Any battery connected to the system must be charged to the same voltage as other batteries in the system. See the manual for more instructions.


Battery specs for each battery:

Battery Type:

Battery Voltage:

Battery Capacity:
90ah (usable) 2500 watt hours (usable)

Maximum charge current:
50A (approximately 1300 watts)

Maximum  continuous discharge:
300A (approximately 7700 watts)

Maximum surge discharge current (10 seconds or less):
300A (approximately 7700 watts )

47lbs approximately

12×18.5×5 in (not including the feet)

Power Module Specs:

Output voltage:
120V AC (pure sine wave)

Continuous power output:
3,000 Watts

Peak power output:
6,000 watts for 5 seconds

Inverter no load power consumption:
5-15 watts (typical 10 watts)

Size (top portion not including the battery):
12 x 18.5 x 8.5 in (not including the feet or cary handle)

37lbs (approximate)

Solar MPPT charge controller:

Dual MPPT controllers

Input volts:
35V to 240VDC

Maximum input amps:
30 amps per input port

Maximum charging amps:
80A (40A per port)

Charge rate:
up to 2000W (using both ports, and with two or more batteries)

Other specs:

AC charging:
Up to 2800 watts with four 25A chargers (must have two batteries to use three or 4 ac chargers)

Car port charging:
85 watts (with optional charger)

Number of outlets:
6-15A, and one 30A RV outlet

USB ports:
two 65 watt usb-C
3A usb-A

12V ports:
2 - cigarette ports
1-  SB50 port
Regulated 13.8V.  Max 20A total

37lb power module; 47lb battery

18.5x12x13.5 (battery and Power module together, not including the feet or cary handle)

What's Included

(1) Titan solar generator
Number of batteries selected.  Titan won't work without at least one

(2) MC4 to anderson adapter
(for solar panels)

AC Charger


FAQ- Solar & Batteries

Can I use my own solar panels with the Titan?
Yes, you can use your own panels with the Titan. You just need to make sure they are arranged in a way to produce a voltage between 35-240V DC. Lower than 35V DC will not charge the Titan and a Voltage over 240V DC can damage the MPPT controller.

What is the maximum solar input for the Titan?
We have two solar inputs in the Titan, each capable of 1,000 watts or 2,000 watts total with a voltage range of 35V to 240VDC.

Can I use a wind turbine with the Titan?
Yes, you can use a wind turbine with the Titan power station.

What kind of batteries do you use in the Titan?
We use a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) battery.

What is the life cycle of the Titan's battery?
6500 cycles to 50% capacity
3500 cycles to 80% capacity

How much does the Titan battery module weigh?
47 lbs approximately

FAQ- General

Can I wire the Titan into my home electrical system?
The Titan is only 120V AC, so it cannot be wired into the entire electrical system of your house. However, an electrician can wire up a 120V sub panel to run emergency 120V appliances. This sub panel can even be put onto a transfer switch (manual or automatic).

It is extremely important to follow any necessary regulations during this process. Point Zero Energy is not liable for any loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage that may result from use, misuse, or inability to use this product.

Can the Titan only be used for temporary backup power?
No. The Titan can be used in a variety of situations. We have many customers using their Titan on a daily basis for off-grid power.

What can the Titan power?
The Titan can power any 120V electrical appliance up to a total of 3,000 continuous watts.

What is the Titan's no load power consumption?
5-15 watts (typical 10 watts)

How much does the Titan power module weigh?
37 lbs approximately






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3000W Continuous Inverter


Bluetooth Enabled Smart App


2000 Watt Solar Input


Industry-Leading Warranty


Designed in the USA


LiFePO4 Battery Technology


2,500 to 27,500 WH Capacity


Introducing the Titan Boost

Introducing the ultimate in Portable Power: The Point Zero Energy
Titan Boost - Your versatile and reliable Portable Solar Power and
Portable Backup Power solution. Whether you're camping, on the
road in your RV, or simply need power anywhere, the Titan Boost has got you covered.

The Titan Boost Power Station features dual MPPTs for wide solar
panel compatibility and a 3,000W high efficient inverter with an
impressive 6,000W surge for 5 seconds- one of the longest in the
industry! The modular and expandable battery system offers
impressive longevity and energy density. This power station can
charge from various sources simultaneously and provides seamless
UPS backup. Monitor it via a Bluetooth app, and its durable yet
lightweight design ensures reliability. Enjoy the reassurance of a
product proudly designed and assembled in the USA with an
impressive 5-year warranty, the longest warranty of any power station on the market. The Titan Boost redefines Portable Power with efficiency and flexibility for all your energy needs, anywhere you go.

The Titan Boost Is Ideal For:


Camp Power

The Titan Boost is your go-to power for camping. It's dual MPPTs, and powerful 3000W inverter make it perfect for running camping essentials. Its modular battery system and lightweight design make it
adaptable, versatile, and easily transported. Whether you need reliable power for camping appliances or charging devices, the Titan Boost has you covered.


RV Power

The Titan Boost is your perfect power solution for RV adventures, enabling you to run lights, appliances, and even air conditioning effortlessly. Equipped with dual MPPTs and a robust 3000W inverter, it's tailor-made for providing Power for RV. Its modular battery system ensures easy setup for your RV, offering the reliable power you need for a comfortable and convenient RV experience.


Portable Power

The Titan Boost takes portable power to the next level, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you're working remotely, running a construction site, hosting an outdoor movie
night, or throwing a party, this versatile power station has you covered. With its emphasis on portability and a robust inverter, the Titan Boost ensures you can power anything, anywhere.

Engineered & Assembled in the USA

Based in the USA, our team at Point Zero Energy is driven by a genuine desire to make solar power independence available to everyone. We believe it's our duty to provide reliable solar power solutions, no matter who you are or where you live. Our team shares a deep sense of urgency to empower lives and light up homes, anytime,  anywhere.


3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The Point Zero Energy Titan Boost power station is your premier choice for portable power, featuring a robust 3000-Watt pure sine wave inverter meticulously designed for continuous operation. It effortlessly manages substantial surge loads with unwavering reliability, setting an industry benchmark with its remarkable 5-second surge time at 6000 watts. With an impressive 94% peak efficiency, this inverter ensures extended operation of appliances without significant battery drain, making it the ultimate solution for top-notch portable power performance.

Up To 27,500 WH Expandable Battery

The Titan Boost shines with its expandability feature, driven by a high-performance 2500-watt Hour Lithium Iron Battery renowned for its remarkable 52-watt-hours-per-pound ratio. At the core of the Titan Boost, this battery offers exceptional power-to-weight efficiency. As your power demands evolve, the Titan Boost's removable and expandable design empowers you to precisely tailor your energy storage capacity, providing unparalleled customization for your power needs. This modular system allows the effortless addition of more batteries, enabling you to configure and scale your system as your power requirements grow, ranging from 2500 wh up to an impressive 27,500 wh.


Bluetooth Enabled Smart App

Effortlessly oversee and enhance your power utilization, even when you're away from the Titan, with the user-friendly Point Zero Energy app. This powerful app allows you to remotely monitor and optimize your energy usage virtually anywhere. Receive real-time power consumption notifications informing you about your system's performance, and make data-driven decisions to ensure you're using your power efficiently.

Double Conversion UPS

Experience the unbeatable UPS backup feature on the Titan Boost, delivering seamless and instant clean power. Our double conversion UPS ensures protection for critical loads and appliances, guarding against a wide range of power disturbances, including harmonics and waveform distortion. Your power remains stable and reliable, no matter what.


Power That Is On Point

Reliable Off-Grid Power, Anytime, Anywhere.

What Can One Battery Power?

LiFePO4 Battery
NMC Battery
Smart Phone (12W)

88 hrs

Laptop (50W)

35 hrs

Cook Top Stove (1500W)

1.5 hrs

Fan (50W)

35.6 hrs

Gas Furnace Blower (85W)

22.5 hrs

Light (10W)

96 hrs

42" TV (100W)

20 hrs

CPAP (65W)

108 hrs

Air Conditioner (5,000 BTU)

7.25 hrs

Microwave (1000W)

2.25 hrs

Electric Grill (1650W)

1.3 hrs

Refridgerator (71W)

26.8 hrs