Titan 240SP

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Introducing the Point Zero Energy Titan 240SP, an unstoppable powerhouse engineered to enhance your power capabilities. Featuring a powerful 4000W 240V Pure Sine Wave Inverter and modular expandability, the Titan 240SP empowers you whether you need reliable home backup power, on the open road, or navigating off-grid adventures..Learn More >




Heavy duty inverter INVERTER

Removable / Expandable LFP Battery

At the core of the Point Zero Energy LiFePO4 Battery is the unique feature of a removable expandable design, which delivers unmatched portability and flexibility when paired with our Titan power station. With this innovative approach, you can effortlessly customize and expand your battery capacity. Add more battery packs to meet your power requirements without limiting the number of batteries you can stack. Embrace boundless power possibilities with ease and convenience.

Heavy duty 2400 Watt MPPT Charge Controller

The Titan 240sp has a high power mppt capable of charging the battery up to 2400 watts.

2500 Watt Hour LiFeP04 (LFP) Battery

One of our proudest achievements is our battery’s unrivaled energy density, which surpasses all other LiFePO4 batteries in the solar generator industry. With an astounding 52 wh per pound, the Point Zero Energy LFP Battery empowers you with more power for less weight, providing unparalleled performance and efficiency for your power needs.



Super Fast AC Charging, 800 Watts Standard

The Titan 240sp comes with a built in AC charger that charges at a rate of up to 800 watts, which will charge in about 3 hours.  You have an option to add More external chargers to charge even faster (up to 3600 watts).

4000 watt heavy duty inverter

The Titan 240sp has a heavy duty low frequency inverter that is designed to last extremely long.  Most solar generators use a high frequency inverter, which is much lighter, but is not as reliable.  Our Titan 240sp inverter is like comparing a gasoline engine to a heavy duty diesel engine.  This makes it great for starting heavy loads, and being extremely reliable.  For example it can run 5200 watts for a full minute, and 8,000 watts for 10 seconds.

We have designed the Titan solar power station to be compatible with nearly every 24V battery type. The Titan uses a LiFePO4 (LFP) battery with a voltage range of 20V to 28.8V. With this setup, the Titan works perfectly with most lithium batteries.

Note: Any battery connected to the system must be charged to the same voltage as other batteries in the system. See the manual for more instructions.


Battery specs for each battery:

Battery Type:

Battery Voltage:

Battery Capacity:
90ah (usable) 2500 watt hours (usable)

Maximum charge current:
50A (approximately 1300 watts)

Maximum  continuous discharge:
300A (approximately 7700 watts)

Maximum surge discharge current (10 seconds or less):
300A (approximately 7700 watts )

47lbs approximately

12×18.5×5 in (not including the feet)

Inverter Specs:

Output voltage:
240v split phase AC (pure sine wave)

Continuous power output:
4,000 Watts

Peak power output:
8,000 watts for 10 seconds

Inverter no load power consumption:
15-25 watts (typical 20 watts)

Size (top portion not including the battery):
12 x 18.5 x 8.5 in (not including the feet)


Solar MPPT charge controller:

Input volts:
35V to 130VDC

Maximum input amps:
30 amps per input port

Maximum charging amps:

Charge rate:
up to 2400W

Other specs:

AC charging:
Up to 3500 watts with four 25A chargers + internal charger (30A)

Solar Charging:
Up to 4,400 watts with two external mppt chargers

Number of outlets:
4-15A, 1- Nema14-50R (50A RV outlet), and 1-L14-30R (30A twist lock)

62lb power module; 47lb battery

18.5x12x13.5 (battery and Power module together, not including the feet)

Batteries:  5 years standard
Power module: 5 years standard
Solar panels:  25 years

What's Included

(1) Titan solar generator
Number of batteries selected.  Titan won't work without at least one

(2) MC4 to anderson adapter
(for solar panels)



FAQ- Solar & Batteries

Can I use my own solar panels with the Titan?
Yes, you can use your own panels with the Titan. You just need to make sure they are arranged in a way to produce a voltage between 35-130V DC. Lower than 35V DC will not charge the Titan and a Voltage over 130V DC can damage the MPPT controller.

What is the maximum solar input for the Titan?
The Titansp is capable 2,400 watts total with a voltage range of 35V to 130VDC.

Can I use a wind turbine with the Titan?
Yes, you can use a wind turbine with the Titan power station.

What kind of batteries do you use in the Titan?
We use a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) battery.

What is the life cycle of the Titan's battery?
6500 cycles to 50% capacity
3500 cycles to 80% capacity

How much does the Titan battery module weigh?
47 lbs approximately

FAQ- General

Can I wire the Titan into my home electrical system?
Yes,However if you are using the Titan for backup power, we highly suggest that you have an electrician install a transfer switch (manual or automatic).

It is extremely important to follow any necessary regulations during this process. Point Zero Energy is not liable for any loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage that may result from use, misuse, or inability to use this product.

Can the Titan only be used for temporary backup power?
No. The Titan can be used in a variety of situations. We have many customers using their Titan on a daily basis for off-grid power.

What can the Titan power?
The Titan can power 120V or 240V electrical appliance up to a total of 4,000 continuous watts.

What is the Titan's no load power consumption?
20-25 watts (typical 22 watts)

How much does the Titan power module weigh?
62 lbs approximately





3 reviews for Titan 240SP

  1. Robert Couch

    I loved the first Titan. Then they made one that will run my well pump. I am off grid and this set up is perfect! I highly recommend the Titan 240. I can run my camper and boon dock endlessly with solar panels.

  2. David Plaisted (verified owner)

    I haven’t set my unit up yet but one thing people may not realize is that with an external MPPT charger you can charge with up to 250 volts of solar and you can get two external MPPT chargers. Also the user service is excellent. I may write more later.

  3. Rebecca Lowry (verified owner)

    This is my second Titan. I’ve owned the original since 2020 and when the 240sp went on presale I jumped on the deal.

    I live totally off grid in north central WA and summer and winter can both be brutal here. To have enough power with a single unit to run two freezers, a fridge and electronics for 24+ hours is flat out amazing. Add to that the portability that makes wildfire season somewhat less threatening when I can toss my units into the truck vs leaving thousands in solar equipment to burn and you have a winning combination!

    As always customer service is top notch, either via the chat app or the phone. Chase and Rainer are both fast and responsive.

    My current set up is 1 original Titan with 3 NMC batteries and a 240sp with 2 Lifepo4s. I hope to add another lifepo4 for use with a mini split starting this summer. I’ll come back to update then!

    I can’t recommend Point Zero and their products highly enough!

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4000W 240V Inverter


Powers Major Appliances


Bluetooth Enabled Smart App


2400 Watt Solar Input


Industry-Leading Warranty


Designed in the USA


LiFePO4 Battery Technology


2,500 to 27,500 WH Capacity


Introducing the Titan 240SP

Introducing the Point Zero Energy Titan 240SP, a state-of-the-art power solution proudly designed in the USA. This exceptional portable home battery powerhouse is engineered with industry-leading surge capabilities, making it an ideal choice for confidently powering high-wattage appliances in your whole-home backup system.

Designed for optimal performance, the Titan 240SP offers the best-in-class solar input range, ensuring greater efficiency and shorter charge times, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable whole-home backup power source. Thanks to its advanced LiFePO4 modular battery technology, expandability is at your fingertips, giving you the flexibility to meet your growing power needs.

With lightning-fast charging, a stackable design for easy portability, and the added peace of mind of a 5-year warranty, the Titan 240SP Portable Home Battery Power Station is the ultimate choice for delivering power precisely where and when you need it most in your whole-home backup system.

The Titan 240SP Is Ideal For:


Home Backup

Have peace of mind in any emergency. The 240SP has the capability to provide power to major appliances, lighting in commonly used areas, refrigerators, medical equipment, heaters, internet modems, and more for whole-home backup power. The 240SP seamlessly integrates with your home's electrical system, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted home backup power experience.



Connect your RV directly to the Titan 240SP for uninterrupted power, even in remote locations without shore power. This power station is designed to power your entire RV effortlessly, featuring a robust 4000W 240V split-phase Pure Sine Wave Heavy-Duty Low-Frequency Inverter that ensures reliable operation for high-wattage appliances wherever your journey takes you.


Off-Grid Living

The Titan 240SP, featuring a 4000W inverter and an expandable 2500 LFP battery, presents an ideal solution for those seeking complete power independence through full-time off-grid power living. This power station ensures reliable off-grid power for all your essential requirements, including major appliances, lighting, heating, power tools, and more. Have dependable off-grid power living with the Titan 240SP.

Engineered in the USA

Based in the USA, our team at Point Zero Energy is driven by a genuine desire to make solar power independence available to everyone. We believe it's our duty to provide reliable solar power solutions, no matter who you are or where you live. Our team shares a deep sense of urgency to empower lives and light up homes, anytime,  anywhere.


4000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The Point Zero Energy 240SP has a robust 4000-Watt low-frequency pure sine wave inverter, meticulously crafted for continuous usage, effortlessly managing substantial surge loads with unwavering reliability. Setting an industry benchmark, our inverter exhibits an exceptional 10-second runtime at 8000 watts. The Titan 240SP can power things that others simply cannot, including powering air conditioners, air compressors, water pumps, and more.

Up To 27,500 WH Expandable Battery

The Titan 240SP features a high-performance 2500-watt hour Lithium Iron Battery known for its remarkable 52-watt-hours-per-pound ratio. At the heart of the Titan 240SP, this battery provides exceptional power-to-weight efficiency. As your power demands grow, the flexibility to acquire more batteries allows you to adjust your energy storage capacity precisely, thanks to its removable and expandable design, offering unmatched customization for your
power needs.


Powerful 120V or 240V Output

The Titan 240SP is your versatile solution for powering major appliances and tools in your home. With the capability to run both 120V and 240V devices, it confidently handles your oven, dryer, water heater, air conditioner, electric car charger, water pump, air compressors, and welding machines. Its robust 4000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter and quick surge times ensure uninterrupted power for essential needs.

Whole-Home Backup Power

Your Ultimate Home Backup Power Solution! Harness the might of 240-volt split-phase power right at home. Seamlessly integrate with direct wiring while prioritizing grid safety via a transfer switch and adhering to essential regulations. Trust in Point Zero Energy's proven reliability, ensuring your home backup needs are met with confidence and ease. Empower your home and secure your peace of mind!


Bluetooth Enabled Smart App

Effortlessly oversee and enhance your power utilization, even when you're away from the Titan, with the user-friendly Point Zero Energy app. This powerful app allows you to remotely monitor and optimize your energy usage virtually anywhere. Receive real-time power consumption notifications informing you about your system's performance, and make data-driven decisions to ensure you're using your power efficiently.

Dual UPS Back Up Modes

The Titan 240SP offers two UPS backup modes:

Bypass with Battery Charging: It seamlessly switches to grid or generator power while charging the battery, swiftly transitioning back in under 10 milliseconds during outages, minimizing disruptions to appliances.

Double Conversion: This technology ensures uninterrupted, clean power with zero switching time, shielding appliances from all power disturbances, including harmonics and waveform distortion. Your appliances remain protected, no matter the grid conditions. Note: An external battery charger is required for double conversion.


Power That Is On Point

Reliable Off-Grid Power, Anytime, Anywhere.

What Can One Battery Power?

LiFePO4 Battery
NMC Battery
Smart Phone (12W)

88 hrs

Laptop (50W)

35 hrs

Cook Top Stove (1500W)

1.5 hrs

Fan (50W)

35.6 hrs

Gas Furnace Blower (85W)

22.5 hrs

Light (10W)

96 hrs

42" TV (100W)

20 hrs

CPAP (65W)

108 hrs

Air Conditioner (5,000 BTU)

7.25 hrs

Microwave (1000W)

2.25 hrs

Electric Grill (1650W)

1.3 hrs

Refridgerator (71W)

26.8 hrs