External Battery Expansion Wire w/150A Breaker

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This wire kit is for adding an external battery to the Titan (not the Titan expansion battery).  For that, use this kit.

3 feet wire with 150A breaker, and 12″ wire for connecting two 12V batteries in series.  All 6 awg wire.


3 reviews for External Battery Expansion Wire w/150A Breaker

  1. Greg Patterson (verified owner)

    I recently added 2-12v 300ah batteries in series to the expansion port. The DC voltage from those batteries was 26.2 so I depleted the Titan batteries to that number and recalibrated generator to 522Ah. Once fully charged the 150 breaker tripped. I reset. An hour later it did it again.
    What do you think is happening?

    Image #1 from Greg Patterson
    • Point Zero Energy (store manager)

      I am sorry to hear this is happening. I will give some suggestion, but if these don’t help, please open a ticket with our support team https://www.pointzeroenergy.com/contact/. They can help you get this resolved.
      You charged the batteries, and then it tripped? Did you have a load on it, or it just tripped on its own?
      If you didn’t have a load, disconnect the batteries, and see if they are at the same voltage as the Titan battery (or within 1/2 volt).
      If you did have a load, how large was the load? You have 300ah of external batteries, and 222 ah of Titan batteries. If you have loads over 1500 watts, you can overload that battery expansion port if your external batteries are not smaller than your Titan batteries. A solution to this would be to get two external battery expansion wires, and connect one or both to the bottom ports on the bottom battery.
      If your load is under 1500 watts, and your batteries are balanced to within 0.5v, then the breaker may be faulty, and we will need to send you a replacement.

  2. Brian

  3. Orcellious D.


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