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Solar Training course

Solar Power 101: A Simple Guide to Solar Energy Welcome to Solar Power 101! In this training series we will cover the basics on solar energy and the components of solar energy systems. If you’re looking for a simple training series on solar energy, you’ve come to the right place. In this series we cover … Read more


(page 6 0f 7) The batteries are what keep you going when there is no sun.  If you need to have power all the time (even during a rainy day), then you need to make sure you have enough battery capacity to keep you going.  This is not critical if you are simply powering a … Read more


(page 7 of 7) The inverter is what converts DC power into usable AC power for our appliances. There are several specs of the inverter that are important to look at. 1- Maximum continuous output: Usually this is the rating on the inverter.  However sometimes I see inverters rated out the maximum surge output (which … Read more

Charge controllers

(page 5 of 7) The purpose of the charge controller is to take the power generated from the solar panels and charge the batteries.  If you were to connect the solar panels directly to the batteries without a charge controller,  it would end up overcharging the batteries permanently damaging them. There are two main types … Read more

Solar panels

(page 4 of 7) Now that we have a basic understanding of electricity we will go over the components of a solar generator.  Basically a solar Generator is a portable mini off-grid system.  The first component is the solar panel. Solar Panels: The solar panels convert light (not heat) into power (voltage and current).  This … Read more


(page 3 of 7) In solar, we have to deal with both AC, and DC power, because our solar panels, and batteries work with DC power, but most home appliances use AC power. DC = Direct currentDirect current just means the flow of electrons, and the voltage stays one direction. AC = Alternating currentWith alternating … Read more

Electricity Basics: Power/Energy

(page 2 of 7) We previously learned that an amp is the rate of flow of electrons.  However, amps is not a measure of power. Let’s compare electricity to weight lifting.  Amps would be compared to how fast you are lifting (your reps per minute).  But this does not tell the whole story.  You see … Read more

Electricity Basics: Amps

(page 1 of 7) What is an Amp? Simply stated, an Amp is the measure of the flow of electrons (usually through a wire).    When a voltage is produced (from a solar panel, a generator, etc) it creates a force that pushes electrons through a conductor creating a current.   One amp of current is approximately … Read more

Which batteries are best for solar? Lead acid or lithium?

lead acid vs. lithium batteries

Which batteries are best for solar? Lead Acid or Lithium? If you’ve done any research on batteries for solar energy storage you understand that topic can get as heated as politics and religion. Just the other day I shared a post on my facebook page regarding solar generators and turns out, the very first comment … Read more

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