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How to Keep Food Safe When the Power Goes Out

Power outage preserve food

Power outages are a major risk with any emergency situation. For those living in high risk hurricane areas, preparation for blackouts is critical as these storms bring high winds and possible flash flooding. There are many ways you can prepare for a power outage.  One critical aspect of preparation is food and water, and how … Read more

6 Easy Disaster Preparedness Tips You Can Really Do

Prepair for a disaster

In the event of a disaster, having a preparedness plan is a critical element in helping you and your loved ones out of danger and to a secure, safe place. While Doomsday Preppers might be an entertaining and informative show to watch, the average person’s disaster preparedness plans don’t include building a bunker or eating … Read more

5 Marketing Lies About Your Solar Generator That Just Might Kill You In A Blackout

House blackout


With the rising interest in solar energy, many people are turning to solar generators to provide backup power during emergencies. This is exciting to see! Like many of you, we understand the countless advantages solar backup systems have in emergency situations.

However, because many people don’t understand the fundamentals of solar backup systems (including solar generators), and how their various components should work together to provide a reliable system, we’ve witnessed some erroneous beliefs regarding solar generator performance due to the insane amount of false claims in solar generator marketing. These marketing lies have come from a variety of sources: solar salesmen, affiliate marketers, even manufacturers of solar generators marketing their own product!

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Be prepared with a solar generator

With the rising interest in solar energy, many people are turning to solar generators for their energy needs.  While solar generators provide many benefits for recreational and work use, they can be an critical in providing energy needs during times of disasters.

I want you to think about your current situation as of right now.  What would you do if you lost all power for one week, or even two?  When most people think of a power outage they imagine it lasting only a few hours, maybe a day at the most.  Most people assume the power company will get their power back up and running and everything will be fine.  But what if that wasn’t the case?  What if you had a power outage that lasted weeks, months, or even more than a year?

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