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As a family owned and operated company, we have a strong sense of urgency to empower our communities with energy independence.
We are passionately driven to create reliable solar energy systems that will secure and protect our families now and for years to come.

Our story

David Willis is the founder and owner of Point Zero Energy, a solar energy company located in Southern Idaho. With a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, David has always had an exceptional ability for creating, building, and optimizing energy systems. He combined his natural talent in engineering with his passion for solar energy when he began designing, manufacturing, and installing solar energy systems more than 15 years ago.
Through his manufacturing of alternative energy systems, he discovered how critical efficiency and quality are in creating a reliable energy system.  Through this process he discovered his passion for helping others become energy independent and founded Point Zero Energy.

An innovative solar energy company, Point Zero Energy specializes in providing high efficiency solar energy systems for residential homes and commercial businesses. We pride ourselves in our ability to think outside the box to create efficient and reliable solar energy systems that will secure and protect our families now and for years to come.