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Our high efficiency 200 watt Briefcase Solar Panel combines the strength and longevity of a rigid solar panel while also offering the added benefit of portability. Durable and rigid, it’s comprised of strong tempered glass and an aluminum frame with added corner protection for temporary or permanent installation.  Composed of two 100 watt Solar Panels (200 watts total) connected by a hinge for storing and portability, it comes equipped with a durable kickstand to allow for optimal angle to the sun. Included is a protective canvas bag for storing and easy carrying.


Grade A Monocrystalline solar cells for optimal efficiency
Innovative 9-busbar solar configuration design provides maximum solar output
Strong, high transmission, anti-reflective tempered glass
Durable aluminum frame
Integrated kickstand for better angle placement
Added corner protection
Waterproof MC4 solar connectors
Fully weatherproof



Permanent or temporary installation
Temporary emergency backup
Long term remote power


For warranty information on this solar panel please follow this link:


Maximum power(Pmax):     200 watt
Voltage maximum power(Vmp):
Series:  36.6 V
Parallel:  18.3 V
Crrent maximum power(Imp):
Series:   5.46 A
Parallel: 10.9 A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc):
Series: 43.6 V
Parallel: 21.8 V
Current short circuit (Isc):
Series: 6.38 A
Parallel:  12.76 A
54 X 31 X 1.5 in – unfolded
27 X 31 X 3 in – folded
weight:     33 lbs

Includes Carry case


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