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Titan solar generator

The most versatile portable solar generator on the market. Built with the most efficient, quality components, the Titan provides reliable solar backup for any situation.

Through it’s intuitive technology, the Titan solar generator can adapt to any situation. This innovative approach will give you greater portability without compromising power. By separating the battery from the other components you can add or replace batteries quickly and easily, expanding to your individual power needs.


  • Removable and expandable lithium ion battery allows you to add or replace batteries quickly and easily.
  • Large battery capacity with a life span of up to 10 years. 
  • Large efficient inverter with a no load power draw of as low as 5 watts, and efficiencies up to 92%.
  • Over-sized MPPT charge controller allows you to add up to 2000 watts of solar.
  • Powerful AC charger will charge your battery pack in around 4 hours, with an option to add a second charger for faster charge times
  • MC4 to SAE connections for jump starting with a solar panel
  • Cigarette to SAE connections for charging from a car 


  • AC Inverter: 3000 watts continuous, 6,000 watts surge
  • Battery Voltage: 24V  
  • Output Voltage: 120V AC pure sine wave 
  • Continuous Power Output: 3,000 watts (recommended 1500 watts with one battery pack) 
  • Peak Power Output: 6,000 watts
  • Solar Input: volts: up to 145VDC watts: up to 2000 w
  • AC charging: 580 watts or 1160 watts
  • Inverter power consumption: 5-20 watts 
  • Number of Outlets: 6
  • USB Ports: 6 smart USB, 2 USB C
  • Weight: 35/35
  • Dimensions: 18.5x12x12

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