Solar Generator Comparison Calculator

Our solar generator comparison calculator will compare up to two solar generator systems by calculating how long you can run appliances WITHOUT SUN, as well as calculating recharge times, efficiency and more.

There are three steps to this solar generator comparison calculator.

1- Choose up to two solar generator systems to compare.

2- Enter all appliances and tools you will be running in an emergency situation. Usually this means critical things, like a fridge or freezer, or maybe even a gas furnace.

3- Click the “Calculate!” button to calculate the results for the systems.

  • Durable steel frame
  • Removable Expandable lithium ion battery
  • 2000 watt hour lithium battery
  • 3000 watt high efficiency inverter
  • 2000 watt MPPT charge controller with a wide voltage range (dual 1000 watt controllers)
  • Fast Ac charging 600 watts standard 1200 watts with a second charger
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