Titan AC charger

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Add extra AC charging to your Titan solar Generator.  Not recommended unless you have 2 or more batteries connected.


8 reviews for Titan AC charger

  1. RICHARD DIXON (verified owner)

    working fine

  2. Ron King (verified owner)

    Two AC chargers running from a Yamaha inverter generator allow me charge my Titan lithium batteries on cloudy days and keep the solar generator running without noise or additional gas from the gasoline generator. Ventilation system on charger is keeping them from overheating. This is a great option for the Titan solar system. Works great

  3. Rookie M. (verified owner)

  4. Bryan (verified owner)

  5. Jay Manthey

    Been running our Titan for over 6 months powering our off-grid cabin. Went into safety mode once when we had extended cloud cover while we were away. Just added another battery and expect continuous steady clean and quiet uninterrupted power. Extremely satisfied!

  6. William H. Speed III

    I’ve rigged a 30 amp cable that runs under the floorboard and connects from the Titan inside the coach to the 30 amp plug-in of my 2014 MB Roadtrek RV outside the coach undetected. In the beginning there were issues due to the shipper mishandling the products however the Point Zero Company has been extraordinary with customer service and has gone above and beyond to ensure that I was well taken care of and completely satisfied with their resolve. I’ve had this unit operating for about 6 months with the only issue being a blown fuse in the battery charger unit. Today I am purchasing a second battery charger so as to expedite the charging cycle. My system consists of two batteries and the inverter plus the cigarette lighter charging cable and a battery charger. I am well pleased with this unit and even more so with this company and it is my intention to purchase a third battery as finances permit.

  7. Morrell Greer Jr

    Power out for 4 days during Texas snow/ice storm Feb 15-19. Used Titan with 2 batteries and 4 Renogy 160 watt flexible solar panels to keep refrigerator and freezer running (not enough power for electric heat). Had to supplement with gas generator some to recharge Titan because of lack of sunlight. Extremely pleased with this system and will get more solar panels and another charger.

  8. Morrell Greer Jr (verified owner)

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