Titan 500 Rigid Kit

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The Titan 500 Rigid Kit comes complete with everything you need for a reliable, off-grid power system for any situation. Ideal for power outages, recreational vehicles, or an off-grid home with minimal power consumption. With five (5) 100-watt rigid solar panels and one 2,500 wh LiFePo4 battery pack, it’s the perfect size for running bare essentials, including a refrigerator or freezer, lights, computer or laptop, tv, and other small electronics for an extended period of time. Learn More >



The Titan 500 Rigid Kit comes complete with everything you need for a reliable, off-grid power system for any situation. Ideal for power outages, recreational vehicles, or an off-grid home with minimal power consumption. With five 100 watt rigid solar panels and one lithium battery pack, it's the perfect size for running basic essentials including a refrigerator or freezer, lights, computer or laptop, tv, and other small electronics for an extended period of time. Utilizing the 500 watts of solar, the Titan will charge from 0% battery to full in about four hours (depending on location and weather).

Using only quality and efficient components, the Titan is the most reliable and versatile system on the market. Here are some of the key features that make it in a class of its own.

External Battery

Removable / Expandable Battery

This innovative approach will give you greater portability and flexibility in what you can power with your solar generator. By simply adding more battery packs you can expand or replace your batteries quickly and easily. By separating the battery from the other components, you can easily carry each component.

Dual MPPT Charge Controllers

With the Titan, we only used quality, reliable components. For example, most solar generators use cheap, low quality charge controllers that cannot step the voltage down to produce high amps. Most don't allow for voltages over 30-50 volts. The Titan on the other hand, can take up to 145 volts! This means your solar panel wires will have very low amps running through them making them much more efficient (they will be cool to the touch where others will be very hot). It also makes wiring up your solar panels much easier and safer.

2000 Watt Hour Lithium Battery

With a full 2000 watt hours usable power per battery, the Titan battery is one of the largest lithium battery capacities you can find in a portable solar generator. It's nearly four times the capacity of similar systems on the market (with two 2000 watt hour batteries).

Super Fast AC Charging, 400 Watts Standard

We include one powerful 14A AC charger that can charge your battery pack in around 16 hours. You do have an option to add a 25A charger to charge in 9 hours, and two chargers to cut those times in half.

3000 Watt High Efficiency Inverter

Our pure sine wave inverter is extremely powerful- twice as powerful as comparable solar generators! It is also extremely efficient, with a no load power draw of as low as 5 watts, and efficiencies up to 92%! Generally, the larger the inverter the more power it uses just to run- like a large truck burns more gas than a small car. This is comparable to having a 500 hp race car getting better fuel mileage than a geo metro.

External Battery Compatibility

We designed the Titan solar generator to be compatible with nearly every 24V battery type. The Titan Solar Generator uses a lithium Ion battery with a voltage range of 20V to 29.4V (only charged to 29.2V). With this setup, it works perfectly with a 24V LiFePo4 (19.2V to 29.2V) and a led acid battery (20V to 29.2V). As you can see there is virtually no difference between the 3 batteries voltage range, so they can be used together without any changes to the charging profile without damaging any battery.

Note: Any battery connected to the system must be charged to the same voltage as other batteries in the system. See the manual for more instructions.


Battery specs for each battery:

Battery Voltage:
29.4V (only charged to 29.2)

Battery Capacity:
74ah (usable) 2000 watt hours (usable)

Maximum charge current:
40A (approximately 1000 watts)

Maximum  continuous discharge:
100A (approximately 2500 watts)

Suggested continuous discharge (for long life):
1500 watts

Maximum surge discharge current (10 seconds or less):
300A (approximately 7700 watts )

35lbs approximately

12×18.5×4.5 in

Inverter Specs:

Output voltage:
120V AC (pure sine wave)

Continuous power output:
3,000 Watts

Peak power output:
6,000 watts

Inverter no load power consumption:
5-15 watts (typical 10 watts)

Size (top portion not including the battery):
12 x 18.5 x 7.75 in

32lbs (approximate)

Solar MPPT charge controller:

Dual MPPT controllers

Input volts:
35V to 145VDC

Maximum input amps:
30 amps per input port

Maximum charging amps:
80A (40A per port)

Charge rate:
up to 2000W (using both ports, and with two or more batteries)

Solar panel specs (per panel):

Maximum power (Pmax)
100 watt

Voltage maximum power (Vmp):
18.15 V

Current maximum power (Imp):
5.51 A

Open circuit voltage:
21.4 V

39.2" x 21.25" x 1.4"

13 lbs

Optional USB port specs:

USB-Dual type A

5V 3.1A

Dual port (PD type c + USB type a):

When charging two-port together, the total output 18W
When charging single port, the output will be as follows:

Type c port output:
5V3A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A

USB-A output:
5V 2.4A

Other specs:

AC charging:
Up to 1450 watts with two 25A chargers (must have two batteries to use two chargers)

Car port charging:
85 watts (with optional charger)

Number of outlets:
6-15A, and one 30A RV outlet

USB ports:
Depending on options at purchase

12V ports:
4 - regulated at 13.8V (20A each with a maximum of 20A total)

32lb power module; 35lb battery

18.5x12x12 (battery and Power module together)

Whats included

  • (1) Titan solar generator with one battery
  • (5) 100 watt rigid solar panels
  • (1) Mc4 extension wire of chosen length (2 wires)
  • (1) MC4 to SAE (for resetting battery with solar)
  • (1) MC4 to anderson adapter (for connecting solar panels)
  • AC charger or chargers depending on options

Depending on options chosen at purchase:

  • Car charger for charging from a car cigarette port
  • USB adapters for charging phones, laptops, etc

10 reviews for Titan 500 Rigid Kit

  1. Joseph Turpen

    The Titan system appears to be functioning correctly. The customer service I’ve experienced leaves much to be desired. In speaking with both Shari and Chase, they both seem unwilling/unable to understand the value in presenting a strong effort in the customer service area. Is it in fact, “a generational values difference”?

  2. Vincent R.

    A little disappointed that an EMP bag was not supplied with the unit as was described in the videos I watched about the 500 kit but, other than that, everything seems
    to be functioning normally and I am satisfied.

    Every time I have had to call for updates or operational
    information my questions have been answered promptly.

  3. Leah McKelvey

    Got 2 batteries and it’s getting a surprising amount of solar for the winter with all the off angles, which I assume is because of the MPPT controller my solar panels are plugged into. Great product. I power almost everything in my house with it.

  4. Anonymous

    Everything arrived in tact and in three discrete deliveries so as to not attract too much attention. That was nice. Though, delays in battery delivery were kind of frustrating. Not sure Zero Point could control that but a five month wait is something I wished I had known about at the time of the purchase.

  5. Jose Gonzalez

    Really impressed with this unit so far. Using it as a permanent off grid set up for a trailer. So I am able to run my entire trailer with this unit. Air conditioner, microwave, water pump, fridge, Tv, dvd player, tablets, and heater. Of course I only got the 500 watt package so I can’t run all those things at once but It sure is nice not running my gas generator all day and all night. Planning on purchasing another battery and additional panels. Hopefully I’ll be able to update my review at a later time.

    Also wanted to give some kudos to your customer service top notch very responsive, helpful and understanding.

  6. Dee

    We haven’t used the generator yet, so it’s difficult to comment. It charged up nicely, the only problem being that the connectors between the cables are difficult to disconnect. Communication from the company about the delay of delivery was not good, we waited an extra 2 months.

  7. gregory cowan

    It looks great and seems to work well I only got it yesterday so haven’t had time to charge the batteries with solar panels while using the power output on a device so I’ll have to see how it goes in the future.

  8. Brian Green

    Got this system to provide power to my travel trailer. I have been using it on a couple camping trips and works great. The 30 amp connection for the trailer it a great way for your trailer to go solar without having to drill holes. Customer service was top notch. I never done a YouTube video but feel I should as most people seem to use it for power tools or small cabin off grid. There is so many uses.

  9. steve b.

    I have had a great experience, so far, with PZE and with my new Titan system. My order was back logged a few months and had good communication with the company over that time. I drove to the facility to pick up my order and met the owners and staff and everyone was wonderful. I wish them all well.
    I have been using my Titan for a few weeks now and am happy to say that I really love it. I’m using it in a conversion van and have been running an iceco fridge non stop. It takes a couple of days in this heat to drain the battery down to 80%, then I’ll charge it back with the solar panels. I packed two of the 5 panels away as I only need 3, really 2, of the panels at this time of year to charge the generator back up in just a few hours.
    I’m a photographer and having the generator on board to charge camera batteries and laptops and phones is a life saver.
    I use an ‘instant pot’ to cook food and heat water for coffee. I have a 200 watt heater to kill the morning chill in the van. No more propane, just electric. Its so simple now.
    I love the generator vs. the built in solar system in the van. I don’t have to park in the sun to charge.

    So far it has been a win in every category and has really changed my life for the better.

  10. Kenneth

    Delivery was slow due to corona virus and the battery needed replacing due to damage in shipping, but Point Zero Energy was responsive to all update request emails, and quickly replaced the damaged battery. Their response was perfect and will make me happy to recommend them to others, as well as expand my system in the future. My system appears to work fully, but I still need to test it running my chop saw and other high surge current power tools.

    Now I have done additional testing of the unit, and can report that it has no problem running my Dewalt chop saw under heavy load, while at the same time running a 1200 W space heater. My key concern was that the initial surge to start power tools would cause problems, but the unit seems to handle these well.

    The primary reason I got this unit was to run power tools on a new property where power is not available. The unit will be put to real life use later this summer, and if it holds up as well under real use as initial testing, I will be most happy with it.

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