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The Titan 1000 Flex Kit comes complete with everything you need for a reliable, off-grid power system for any situation. Ideal for power outages, camping, recreational vehicles, or as an off-grid home power source, it's the perfect size for running basic essentials including a refrigerator or freezer, lights, computer or laptop, tv, and other small electronics for an extended period of time. Utilizing ten 100 watt flexible solar panels, the Titan will charge from 0% battery to full in about two hours (depending on location and weather).

Using only quality and efficient components, the Titan is the most reliable and versatile system on the market. Here are some of the key features that make it in a class of its own.

External Battery

Removable / Expandable Battery

This innovative approach will give you greater portability and flexibility in what you can power with your solar generator. By simply adding more battery packs you can expand or replace your batteries quickly and easily. By separating the battery from the other components, you can easily carry each component.

Dual MPPT Charge Controllers

With the Titan, we only used quality, reliable components. For example, most solar generators use cheap, low quality charge controllers that cannot step the voltage down to produce high amps. Most don't allow for voltages over 30-50 volts. The Titan on the other hand, can take up to 145 volts! This means your solar panel wires will have very low amps running through them making them much more efficient (they will be cool to the touch where others will be very hot). It also makes wiring up your solar panels much easier and safer.

2000 Watt Hour Lithium Battery

With a full 2000 watt hours usable power per battery, the Titan battery is one of the largest lithium battery capacities you can find in a portable solar generator. It's nearly four times the capacity of similar systems on the market (with two 2000 watt hour batteries).

Super Fast AC Charging, 400 Watts Standard

We include one powerful 14A AC charger that can charge your battery pack in around 16 hours. You do have an option to add a 25A charger to charge in 9 hours, and two chargers to cut those times in half.

3000 Watt High Efficiency Inverter

Our pure sine wave inverter is extremely powerful- twice as powerful as comparable solar generators! It is also extremely efficient, with a no load power draw of as low as 5 watts, and efficiencies up to 92%! Generally, the larger the inverter the more power it uses just to run- like a large truck burns more gas than a small car. This is comparable to having a 500 hp race car getting better fuel mileage than a geo metro.

External Battery Compatibility

We designed the Titan solar generator to be compatible with nearly every 24V battery type. The Titan Solar Generator uses a lithium Ion battery with a voltage range of 20V to 29.4V (only charged to 29.2V). With this setup, it works perfectly with a 24V LiFePo4 (19.2V to 29.2V) and a led acid battery (20V to 29.2V). As you can see there is virtually no difference between the 3 batteries voltage range, so they can be used together without any changes to the charging profile without damaging any battery.

Note: Any battery connected to the system must be charged to the same voltage as other batteries in the system. See the manual for more instructions.


Battery specs for each battery:

Battery Voltage:
29.4V (only charged to 29.2)

Battery Capacity:
74ah (usable) 2000 watt hours (usable)

Maximum charge current:
40A (approximately 1000 watts)

Maximum  continuous discharge:
100A (approximately 2500 watts)

Suggested continuous discharge (for long life):
1500 watts

Maximum surge discharge current (10 seconds or less):
300A (approximately 7700 watts )

35lbs approximately

12×18.5×4.5 in

Inverter Specs:

Output voltage:
120V AC (pure sine wave)

Continuous power output:
3,000 Watts

Peak power output:
6,000 watts

Inverter no load power consumption:
5-15 watts (typical 10 watts)

Size (top portion not including the battery):
12 x 18.5 x 7.75 in

32lbs (approximate)

Solar MPPT charge controller:

Dual MPPT controllers

Input volts:
35V to 145VDC

Maximum input amps:
30 amps per input port

Maximum charging amps:
80A (40A per port)

Charge rate:
up to 2000W (using both ports, and with two or more batteries)

Solar panel specs (per panel):

Maximum power (Pmax)
100 watt

Voltage maximum power (Vmp):
18.15 V

Current maximum power (Imp):
5.51 A

Open circuit voltage:
21.4 V

39.2" x 21.25" x 1.4"

13 lbs

Optional USB port specs:

USB-Dual type A

5V 3.1A

Dual port (PD type c + USB type a):

When charging two-port together, the total output 18W
When charging single port, the output will be as follows:

Type c port output:
5V3A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A

USB-A output:
5V 2.4A

Other specs:

AC charging:
Up to 1450 watts with two 25A chargers (must have two batteries to use two chargers)

Car port charging:
85 watts (with optional charger)

Number of outlets:
6-15A, and one 30A RV outlet

USB ports:
Depending on options at purchase

12V ports:
4 - regulated at 13.8V (20A each with a maximum of 20A total)

32lb power module; 35lb battery

18.5x12x12 (battery and Power module together)

Whats included

  • (1) Titan solar generator with one 2000 watt hour batteries (more if chosen)
  • (10) 100 watt flexible solar panels
  • (1) Mc4 extension wire of chosen length (2 wires)
  • (1) 15 ft Mc4 extension wire (2 wires)
  • (1) Branch connector
  • (1) MC4 to SAE (for resetting battery with solar)
  • (2) MC4 to anderson adapter (for connecting solar panels)
  • AC charger or chargers

Depending on options chosen at purchase:

  • Car charger for charging from a car cigarette port
  • USB adapters for charging phones, laptops, etc

5 reviews for Titan 1000 Flex Kit

  1. Chris Harris

    Two years of use has demonstrated this to be a most useful system. I have built a tiny house off grid and the Titan supplies the house. It charges tool batteries, runs the mini fridge, fans, led lights and remains fully charged during the day. The run down at night is replenished each day so long as there is direct sun for at least a few hours. It has produced reliable energy for two years now and I am quite happy with it. Five Rich flexible solar panels coupled with five brbor freight panels gives us more energy than we need for the house. A gas generator is handy for the two week long cloudy spells we get every year here in NC but almost invariably we have constant power to run our things!

  2. Rod O.

    I am very happy with the 1000 watt kit.

  3. Robert Hale

    Wonderful system

  4. Marc C.

    Very pleased with this system. Purchased for backup power during power outages due to wildfires in the west. David at Point Zero helped to expedite order when fire season came early this year. Can’t thank you enough. Saving up to buy an expansion battery.

  5. Gary B

    Let me 1st start by telling you that I’m a regular guy with regular job as a maintenance supervisor,with a very small home in MA.Point being is I realize this isn’t a minor purchase for some people but trust me when I say that its thee BEST purchase I’ve made in years! Even my wife will agree&that’s no BS. I got my unit earlier than the expected date which was during the major supply chain issues in may-June.Dave was always available for all my questions before I received and after.I was 100% new to solar&had a load of questions&even to this day I hit him up&Dave or Simonette get back to me by the next day.Feel totally comfortable that you will NOT be left in the dark.They have gone above&beyond for me,even shipped me some stuff express next day UPS at no extra cost when my local Fed ex trashed 1 of my purchases.Who does that now a days??? Point Zero did!
    K so about my Titan.I originally purchased the 500 kit but I also got an extra battery added to the order when I found out my Titan was ready to ship.I also bought another 5 panels so essentially I have a 1500 kit.I have 5 renogy flex panels and 10 Newpowa rigid panels.I have done multiple tests runs with my set up,running small loads with 500watts of solar and larger tests running 5000btu A/C,box fan&refrigerator with 1000watts solar&it still had enough to keep Titan charged at 100% for almost 4hrs.I have even been able to use it in a real world scenario last month when our power was out from 4pm-6am.At this time I just ran 1 battery cause I was told the power would be back on by 11pm so I ran a ton of stuff thinking is be good to go in 7-8hrs.In 20 minutes I was powered up&back to normal.I ran my dish satellite DVR,32″ tv,frig&seperate freezer on 1/4hr timer,3 lights with LED bulbs,fish tank aerator&filter,box fan&lastly we kept our cell phones topped off.Now I Definetly would’ve used by 2nd battery if I knew I had to run till 6am but I didn’t so I ran all of this stuff till 2am and still had 25% left but I didn’t want to run my battery to zero.I went out&started my gas generator&set up my charger to charge my battery&still ran all that stuff minus the lights&box fan cause it was early morning&didn’t need them.Back in bed by 230am.Titan was fully charged when the power came back on at 6am&life when on as normal after plugging all my stuff back in to the grid outlets.It was a great real world run&totally vindicated my purchase.It was so nice to have life restored while everyone else around me probably had a very long,miserable,uncomfortable night.The silence&uncertainty of a power outage SUCKS but being prepared these days is PRICELESS! I thank God for waking me up&making me aware of solar powered generators,which lead me to Point Zero.Go BIG or go home folks.Or should I say go Titan or be disappointed.Also want to thank Ben Gilmore at Powered Portable Solar for the main purchase. Check him out…top notch dude!
    I’d also like to add that both Dave&Ben where totally honest about the supply chain issues&told me from the get go that they couldn’t tell me for sure when id get my Titan.It was tough to drop $5000 and not know when or if ever is get my Titan but like I said in the beginning,I got it and earlier than expected at the height of the supply chain pandemic crisis.Luckily for anyone reading this&debating the purchase that you don’t have to worry about this quite as much as I did back when we had no clue what would be the outcome or what to expect.The piece of mind this purchase has given me&my family is worth every penny.

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