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mc4 Extension 50 ft.

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mc4 Extension 50 ft.

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    What is the voltage and Amps rating on all your cables. I understand its better to do higher voltage that way you will not need as thick a cable.
    I will be adding more than 2000 watts of solar panels because panels do not put out their ratings that they say and cloudy, rainy, snowy, obama weather will just not let them put out the max power needed to full charge up at 2000 watts input so I gotta get more solar panels. So how many volts and mainly AMPs can aall of your wire cables handle? I do not want to bill clinton up my system, so I am doing my planing now.So planning in advance so I dont bill clinton this up. Please put the Volts and Amps rating of the cables on your products page
    and you can delete this message if you want to. The TITAN is one hillary of a inverter system so I am slowly saving up for one.

    • David Willis (store manager)

      The maximum input Amps for the Titan is 30A
      The Voltage input is 35-145Voc

      The wires we use are 12 awg (20 amps, and 600V). Our 2000 kit runs at around 100V, and 12A (for each input, there are two inputs). So the wires have a very large safety factor in them. However if you wire up your own system you will need to make sure when you parallel series them you don’t go over 20A, and stay within the voltage input range. If you go over 20A, but are still under 30A, you would need to purchase 10 awg cables (we don’t carry them, because they are heavier, and not needed for our systems).


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