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Portable Solar Generator

Take Power Wherever You Go with Portable Solar Generators

Americans love adventure. We’re fond of road trips, camping, and hiking. Technology has only made braving the great outdoors easier, as we can still stay connected with the people at home.

Where can your communication devices get their juice in the middle of the wilderness, however? A portable power source can go a long way in guaranteeing your enjoyment of your trip.

To this end, Point Zero Energy offers high-performing portable solar generators that provide power wherever you are. You can bring it to your camping trip, so you can charge your phones and light the way. And while you’re not out in the woods, you can bring it to your home or leave it in the cabin, and bring it out in case the grid goes down.

The Difference from Regular Generators

Consider portable solar generators as smaller versions of regular generators. They have the same function, but the portable ones perform on a smaller scale. This is because mobility is a priority in their designs. As a result, it has a lower wattage than most regular generators. It can, however, power electronic devices, small appliances, light bulbs and more.

Like regular generators, portable generators consist of batteries, charge controllers, and inverters. Allow us to explain how they work.

How Portable Solar Generators Work

The solar panels of a portable solar generator capture power from the sun. Sunlight hits the solar panels and disrupts the electrons from their orbits. This creates electrical power in the panels and sends it to the generator. There, an integrated inverter converts the direct current (DC) from the panels to alternating current (AC) because houses and appliances run on the latter. The battery then stores this energy. All you have to do is charge the battery fully, and you’re ready for your next adventure.

Easy to Use

Portable solar generators are a great option for power on the go. They are silent, emit no exhaust or fumes, and requirs no chemicals. They’re also a clean source of energy — they run your appliances and gadgets without harming the environment. We also designed our products for easy use and transport.

For power you can depend on, turn to portable solar generators from Point Zero Energy. We carry high-performing generators that give you reliable power wherever you are. Contact our team today for inquiries.

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