Titan 2.0 differences

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We are planning to be releasing two new units (expected 2021); The Titan 2.0, and the Helios.

Titan OriginalTitan 2.0Helios
Inverter power3,000 watts3,000 watts2,000 watts
Solar Input2,000 watts (35-145v)2,000 watts (70-145V)1,000 watts (70-145v)
Battery size2,000 watt hours2,000 watt hours2,000 watt hours
Battery voltage24V48V48V
NMC batteryYesYesYes
LFP batteryNoYesYes
Auto battery balancingNoYesYes
Battery auto limit/shutdownShutdownLimitLimit
Parallel units (240V)NoYes (up to 6)No
wifi connectionNoYesYes
NMC battery size weight18.5x12x5in 35lb18.5x13x7in 35lb18.5x13x7in 35lb
LiFePO4 size and weightNA18.5x13x7in 62lb18.5x13x7in 62lb
Power module18.5x12x7.5in 32lb18.5x13x7in 39lb18.5x13x6in 25lb
Price$2,995Estimated $3,495Estimated $2,495

In summary, the Titan 2.0 will have a higher voltage battery (meaning it will need at least four 12v panels to work rather than only 2), the option for NMC or LFP (LiFePo4) batteries, have auto balancing of batteries, limit charge/discharge rather than turn off when limit is reached, and have the option to parallel two units for 240V. It will also have wifi so you can connect to it with your phone.