The Titan is not turning on

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There could be several reasons as to why the Titan would not turn on. Please try these solutions listed below. If these don’t solve the problem, please contact support by opening a ticket with our technical team at or via phone at 208-722-1342.

1Battery is not installed
Follow the instructions in the user manual on page 7 INITIAL SETUP
Power switch is not turned on
Flip the power switch up for AC/DC power, or down for DC only.
Battery has overheated
If you have been running the Titan under a heavy load, or you are operating it in a hot environment, it may have overheated your battery. Turn off the generator and move it to a cool location and allow to cool down.
Battery has turned off due to an over current condition
If you only have one battery and have been running over 1500 watts, the battery may have turned off for safety. To reset the battery, turn the generator off (power switch in the middle position), leave it for a few seconds, and turn it back on.
Battery may have gone into safety mode due to being discharged to low.
This may happen if you have left your generator on for a long time, or if you are running a DC load when the battery is already low. If this occurs, you will need to charge the battery back up. Please see SAFETY MODE on page 6.