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Do you still sell the Homegrid 5000HD?

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Due to our release of our extremely popular Titan solar generator, we have discontinued the Homegrid 5000HD solar generator.

One of the advantages of our 5000HD was that it was powerful enough to run a 240V well pump, or connect to an entire home. This is the one thing that our current Titan cannot do since it is only 120V, and only up to 3,000 watts of output. We have plans to release our next version of our Titan (the Titan 2.0) early in 2021. This next version will be able to run 240V split phase and up to 6,000 watts of power when you combine two systems together, making it ideal for large loads like the Homegrid 5000HD could run. With this new version there will be no need for the Homegrid 5000HD.