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Impressive Tiny House Built With Shipping Containers

We follow the Tiny home movement pretty closely, and we are astonished by the creativity that the tiny house community has shown.  This tiny house was built using 3 x 20ft shipping containers.

tiny home solar panel systems

Adam from HoneyBox (www.honeybox.ca) built this stunning off-grid shipping container tiny cabin in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. This tiny home includes solar panels for electricity, propane for cooking and a wood stove for heat. Take the full tour in the video below.

The whole home is built to come apart in a matter of hours allowing for easy movement.  The strength of shipping containers is amazing and their unique ability to create sustainable and unique tiny homes is incredible.  The company that built this unique tiny home is HoneyBox.ca an innovative home builder utilizing shipping containers to create a huge variety of awesome design possibilities.

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