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5 Components of a Solar Generator

Don’t get ripped off by hyped-up sales pitches! In this video we cover the 5 critical components of a solar generator and how to spot reliable, quality systems over the ones that aren’t.

Charge Controllers: PWM vs. MPPT

Get the facts about PWM and MPPT charge controllers and which one you need for a reliable solar energy system.

Is a DIY Solar Generator Worth It?

We compare a DIY Solar generator with a high performance HomeGrid Solar Generator to see if the extra cost is worth it. The results will surprise you!

How Solar Energy Works

This video explains how solar energy works using a simple comparison of water and a spring.

The Most Common Misunderstood Terms in Solar

In this video we discuss the most common misunderstood terms in solar energy: Rate and Capacity and explain the difference between the two.

Joe Prepper and the Most Common Solar Mistake

Watch Joe Prepper as he buys a solar generator for emergency backup. Poor Joe has no idea what he’s doing and falls victim to the most common mistake in choosing a solar generator. Can you guess what it is?

5 Creative Ways to Save
Energy at Home

Switching to fluorescent lighting and turning down the heat are two great ways to start your journey but there is a lot more that can be done.

6 Fun Things to Entertain the Kids When the Lights Go Out

The power can go out at any time for a multitude of reasons. Blackouts can be pretty dangerous and in the least are always annoying. In this day and age our kids are increasingly tech savvy. Most kids and teens would have a difficult time getting through a power outage.

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