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Best Solar Generator

best solar generators

You’ll probably agree that finding the best solar generator in today’s market is like trying to find a grain of sugar in a salt shaker.

You may feel a little like Sherlock Holmes trying to decipher critical spec facts among mounds of numbers.  What’s an average consumer supposed to do?

Well, let us fill you in on a little secret that will help you in your search for the Holy Grail of solar generators… 


Let me explain...

I know, this little secret goes against every marketing line seeping from the mouths of internet marketers. So let me explain…

I never said there are “zero” great systems out there. In fact, there are some really good quality systems on the market.  What I am saying is there there is NO BEST solar generator for EVERYONE. However, there IS a BEST solar generator for YOU.

And we’ll help you find your best solar generator in 3 SIMPLE STEPS.

step 1: know what you want

In today’s market of solar power systems, you’ll find all shapes, sizes, and qualities of solar generators. In fact, you can find pretty much anything for a variety of applications. While one person may want a solar charger for his phone while camping, another might prefer a heavy duty solar generator for home backup power. Because of this, it’s important to realize that no ONE application is better than the other, and the best solar generator for you will be the one that meets your specific needs.

For example: 

Let’s say you want to charge your cell phone when you’re camping.  It would be ridiculous to spend thousands of dollars on the most powerful heavy duty solar generator on the market. Can you imagine unloading hundreds of pounds of solar on your next hiking trip?! 

Likewise, the same is true if you want a solar generator for your home- something to power all your basic essentials when the power goes out. You can’t expect to run much with a 20 watt solar charger. You’ll be sitting in the dark with only the smell of rotting food from your fridge to keep you company.


In our opinion, there are 3 categories of solar generators:

  • Small (up to 1500 watt inverter): These will be small and compact systems that provide minimal power for smaller loads like a laptop, a few lights,  TV or computer and charge your cell phones,  These are usually the best solar generator for camping, or for minimal emergency backup, where you still need to keep it very light and portable.
  • Mid-Size (up to 3000 watt inverter): These systems can power lights, a TV or computer, a fridge, a microwave, and most kitchen appl